Pokemon Go Community: Complete Guidance with Event List

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If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, you know that the game is constantly evolving with new events, challenges, and creatures to catch.

With so much happening in the game, it can be hard to keep track of everything.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Community  events, including the latest event schedule, details on upcoming events, and tips for making the most of each event.

What is Pokemon Go Community?

What is Pokemon Go Community

Pokemon Go Community is a feature in the game that allows players to come together and participate in special events and challenges.

These events are usually centered around a specific Pokemon and offer players a chance to catch rare or shiny versions of that Pokemon.

Community events are held once a month and typically last for three hours.

During this time, players can encounter the featured Pokemon more frequently in the wild, and there is a chance to catch a shiny version of that Pokemon.

Additionally, players can earn special rewards by completing research tasks and participating in raids.

How the Pokemon Go Community Events Are Held?

Pokemon Go Community events are held regularly to keep the game fresh and exciting for players.

These events are usually themed around a particular event or holiday, and they offer players a chance to catch rare Pokemon, earn bonuses, and participate in exclusive activities.

During these events, players can expect to see an increase in the number of certain types of Pokemon spawning in the wild, as well as increased chances of encountering shiny Pokemon.

In addition, players may have access to exclusive moves, items, and bonuses that are only available during the event.

To participate in these events, players need to be aware of the event start and end times, as well as any special requirements or restrictions that may apply.

These details are typically announced by Niantic, the game’s developer, through official channels such as social media, in-game notifications, and the Pokemon Go website.

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Pokemon Go Community Day (Events List 2023)

DateFeatured PokemonCommunity Day MoveBonus
January 20, 2023PikachuSurf2x EXP
February 18, 2023DratiniDraco Meteor3x Stardust
March 25, 2023BagonOutrage3x Catch Stardust
April 22, 2023TreeckoFrenzy Plant3x Catch XP
May 20, 2023TorchicBlast Burn3x Hatch Stardust
June 17, 2023MudkipHydro Cannon3x Raid Stardust
July 15, 2023RaltsSynchronoise3x Catch Candy
August 13, 2023FroakieWater Shuriken3x Transfer Candy


1.    January 2023

DateFestivalFeatured PokemonAttackPowerBonus
January 21, Saturday, 2023 LarvitaTyranitarTrainer Battles: 12 power,   Gyms and raids: 16 power3x for catching Pokemon
January 10, Tuesday, 2023,Twinkling FantasyMega SalamenceDebutDebut2× XP
January 19, Thursday, 2023Lunar New Year 2023Flareon, Darumaka  

2.    February 2023

DateFestival NameFeatured PokemonAttackPowerBonus
February 5, Sunday, 2023,Abundant NoiseNoibatNoivernTrainer Battles: 150   power              Gyms and raids: 140 power3× Stardust
February 8, Wednesday, 2023Valentine’s Day EventMega GardevoirGardevoir     GalladeTrainer Battles: 80 Power              Gyms and raids: 80 Power2× Stardust from opening Gifts
February 22, Wednesday, 2023Primal RumblingsWild encountersRayquazaTrainer Battles 50 & Gyms and raids 35 power2× XP

3.    March 2023

DateFestival NameFeatured PokemonAttackPowerBonus
March 5, Sunday, 2023,Catch MasteryHitmontopDebutDebut2× XP
March 8, Wednesday,  2023Festival of ColorsMega MedichamDebutDebutLure Modules
March 21, Tuesday, 2023Willow’s WardrobeMeltanDebutTrainer Battles: 70 power    Gyms and raids: 50 power2× Candy
March 18, Saturday,  2023 Slowpoke          Galarian SlowpokeSlowbro, Galarian Slowbro, Slowking Galarian, SlowkingTrainer Battles: 65 power   Gyms and raids: 65 power3× XP

4.    April 2023

DateFestival NameFeatured PokemonAttackPowerBonus
April 1, Saturday, 2023Pidgey PandemoniumPidgeyPidgeyPidgeyXXS and XXL Pidgey.
Tuesday, April 4, 2023Spring into SpringCutiefly  RibombeePokemon debuts 2× Hatch Candy
April 15,      Saturday, 2023Togetic                          TogeticTogekissTrainer Battles: 100 power  Gyms and raids: 90 power2× Cand       2× chance
April 20, Thursday, 2023Sustainability WeekBounsweet Steenee TsareenaPokemon debutsPokemon debutsPokemon debuts
April 23, Sunday, 2023,Stunfisk Limited Research DayStunfisk Galarian StunfiskPokemon debutsPokemon debutsShiny Stunfisk
April 29, Saturday, 2023Community Day ClassicSwinubMamoswineTrainer Battles: 60 & Gyms and raids: 70 power3× Stardust

5.    May 2023

DateFestival NameFeatured PokemonAttackPowerBonus
May 2, Tuesday, 2023An Instinctive HeroLarvesta & VolcaronaLarvesta and Volcarona debutLarvesta and Volcarona debut2× XP             2× Stardust
May 6, Saturday, 2023Kleavor Raid DayKleavorKleavor debutsKleavor debutsencountering Shiny Kleavor
May 11, Thursday, 2023,A Valorous HeroMega Pinsir debutMega Pinsirpontya2× Candy
May 21, Sunday, 2023FennekinFennekinDelphoxTrainer Battles: 110 power Gyms and raids: 110 power3× Stardust
May 22, Monday, 2023Shadow Raids debutShadow MewtwoShadow Raid debutsShadow Raid debutsTeam will appear on pokestop.

6.    June 2023

DateFestival nameFeatured PokemonAttackPowerBonus
June 10, Saturday, 20232023 Community DayAxewHaxorusTrainer Battles: 50 power,  Gyms and raids: 35 power3× XP for catching          2× chance for Trainers
June 6, Tuesday, 2023,Water Festival: Beach WeekSandygastPokemon debutsPalossand4× Rainy Lure duration
June 11, Sunday, 2023Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf raid eventUxie , Mesprit, Azelf  Remote Raid limit will be increased
June 29, Thursday, 2023Dark FlamesMega Sableye, Turtonator, Pokemon debutTrainer Battles: 65 power   Gyms and raids: 75 powerAdditional 25% XP

7.    July 2023

DateFestival NameFeatured PokemonAttackPowerBonus
July 6 – July 12, 2023,Pokemon GO’s 7th Anniversary PartyWartortle wearing a party hat        Blastoise wearing a party hatPokemon GO’s 7th Anniversary PartyPokemon GO’s 7th Anniversary Party2× XP
July 9, Sunday, 2023July 2023 Community DaySquirtleBlastoiseTrainer Battles: 80 power   Gyms and raids: 90 powerLure Modules activated
July 15, Saturday, 2023Catching Some Z’sKomala  Snorlax wearing a nightcapPokemon debutsPokemon debutsRaids
July 21, Friday, 2023Blaze New TrailsZygardePokemon debutsPokemon debutsEncounter Shiny Yungoos
July 22, Saturday, 2023Riolu Hatch DayRioluPokemon debutsPokemon debuts2× Stardust
July 23, Sunday, 2023Squirtle makeup eventSquirtleBlastoiseTrainer Battles: 80 power   Gyms and raids: 90 powerLure Modules activated
July 27, Thursday, 2023Adventure WeekMega TyranitarRaidsRaids2× XP & 5x XP
July 30, Sunday, 2023July 2023 Community DayPoliwagPoliwrath & PolitoedTrainer Battles: 8 power     Gyms and raids: 12 power Trainer Battles: 90 power   Gyms and raids: 90 power2× Candy

8.    August 2023

DateFestival NameFeatured pokemonAttackPowerBonus
August 5 – 8 August, 2023Glittering GardenWild encountersPokemon debutsPokemon debuts1.5× Stardus
13 August, Sunday, 2023August 2023 Community DayFroakieGreninja & GreninjaTrainer Battles: 80 power   Gyms and raids: 90 power3× Stardust     2× Candy        

9.    September 2023

DateFestival NameFeatured PokemonAttackPowerBonus
September 2, Sunday, 2023September 2023 Community Day ClassicCharmanderCharizard &  Blast BurnTrainer Battles: 4 power   Gyms and raids: 6 power  Trainer Battles: 110 power Gyms and raids: 110 power3× Stardust
September 5, Tuesday, 2023A Paldean AdventureLechonkPokemon debutsHoppip, Houndour, Buizel, Fletchling4× Stardust
September 10, Sunday, 2023Ultra Unlock: PaldeaLechonkPokemon debutsHoundour4× Stardust  

10. October 2023


11. November 2023


12. December 2023


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Some Previous Pokemon Go Community Events

Pokemon Go Community Year 2022 Events

pokemon go community events 2022
DateNameDay Move
January 2022SphealPowder Snow – Fast – and Icicle Spear – Charged (Walrein)
February 2022HoppipAcrobatics – Charged (Jumpluff)
March 2022SandshrewGen 1 Sandslash – Night Slash (Charged)
Alolan Sandslash – Shadow Claw (Fast)
April 2022StuffulDrain Punch (Bewear)
May 2022Alolan GeodudeRollout (Alolan Golem)
June 2022DeinoBrutal Swing (Hydreigon)
July 2022StarlyGust (Staraptor)
August 2022Galarian ZigzagoonObstruct (Obstagoon)
September 2022RoggenrolaMeteor Beam (Gigalith)
October 2022LitwickPoltergeist (Chandelure)
November 2022TeddiursaHigh Horsepower (Ursaluna)
Janaury 2023ChespinFrenzy Plant (Chesnaught)
February 2023NoibatBoomburst (Noivern)
March 2023SlowpokeSurf (Slowbro, Slowking, Galarian Slowbro and Galarian Slowking)
April 2023TogeticAura Sphere (Togekiss)
May 2023FennekinBlast Burn and Mystical Fire (Delphox)
June 2023AxewBreaking Swipe (Haxourus)
July 2023PoliwagCounter for Poliwrath (Fast Attack) and Ice Beam (Charged Attack) for Politoed

Pokemon Go Community Year 2021 Events

pokemon go community events 2021
DateNameDay move
January 2021MachopPayback (Machamp)
February 2021RoseliaBullet Seed – Fast Attack (Roserade)
Weather Ball – Charged Attack (Roserade)
March 2021FletchlingIncinerate (Talonflame)
April 2021SnivyFrenzy Plant (Serperior)
May 2021SwabluMoonblast (Altaria)
June 2021GibleEarth Power(Garchomp)
July 2021TepigBlast Burn (Emboar)
August 2021EeveeLast Resort (catched or hatched Eevee)
Scald (Vaporeon)
Zap Cannon (Jolteon)
Superpower (Flareon)
Shadow Ball(Espeon)
Psychic (Umbreon)
Bullet Seed (Leafeon)
Water Pulse (Glaceon)
Psyshock (Sylveon)
September 2021OshawottHydro Cannon and Razor Shell (Samurott)
October 2021DuskullShadow Ball (Dusknoir)
November 2021ShinxPsychic Fangs (Luxray)

Pokemon Go Community Year 2020 Events

pokemon go community events 2020
DateNameDay Move
January 2020PiplupHydro Cannon
February 2020RhyhornRock Wrecker
April 2020AbraCounter (Alakazam only)
May 2020SeedotBullet Seed (Shiftry only)
June 2020WeedleDrill Run (Beedrill only)
July 2020GastlyShadow Punch (Gengar only)
August 2020MagikarpAqua Tail (Gyarados)
September 2020PorygonTri Attack (Porygon-Z)
October 2020CharmanderDragon Beath (Charizard)
November 2020ElectabuzzFlamethrower (Electivire)
November 2020MagmarThunderbolt (Magmortar)

Pokemon Go Community Year 2019 Events

DateNameDay move
January 2019TotodileHydro Cannon
February 2019SwinubAncient Power
March 2019TreekoFrenzy Plant
April 2019BagonOutrage
May 2019TorchicBlast Burn
June 2019SlakothBody Slam
July 2019MudkipHydro Cannon
August 2019RaltsSynchronoise
September 2019TurtwigFrenzy Plant
October 2019TrapinchEarth Power
November 2019ChimcharBlast Burn

Pokemon Go Community Year 2018 Events

DateNameDay move
January 2018PikachuSurf
February 2018DratiniDraco Meteor
March 2018BulbasaurFrenzy Plant
April 2018MareepDragon Pulse
May 2018CharmanderBlast Burn
June 2018LarvitarSmack Down
July 2018SquirtleHydro Cannon
August 2018EeveeLast Resort
September 2018ChikoritaFrenzy Plant
October 2018BeldumMeteor Mash
November 2018CyndaquilBlast Burn

Final Verdict

Participating in Pokemon Go community events is a great way to connect with other trainers and have fun while playing the game.

Whether you’re attending a Community Day, a seasonal celebration, or a special research quest line, there are plenty of opportunities to earn rewards, catch rare Pokemon, and level up your skills.

To make the most of your community event experience, be sure to plan ahead, check the event details, and collaborate with your local community.

Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks, or just want to meet other trainers, the Pokemon Go Hub is a great resource for all things related to community events.

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